Sunday, March 17, 2013

Anything is a possibility

Going out of the country to experience new things is all fine and good but if you are confined here and get no chance of doing that then the next best thing is to make the best out of everything. One of the things that I don't do often these days are going for shoot. I think I am just too old for that shit, just let the young kids go for it. It's long, tedious and sometimes fun but I've always felt that I got better things to do but once in awhile, going away to weird and funny places can be of an experience.

Well, that's me - all about new experiences this year. Can't wait for end of this month to go for one that has this quaint village house next to a paddy field and a river.


William said...

Your legs are quite subur!

Twilight Man said...

That's you?????? So blirr! My eyes got problem.