Monday, February 04, 2013

Real life in box

If there's one thing that I love in my life, that would be documentaries. I remembered back in the days when I really relish to chance to catch any episodes of National Geographic Explorer and the first thing that I made mandatory when I subscribed to cable TV was to get the documentary pack. In fact, I used to subscribe to NatGeo but those were the's all about digital these days.

It was during those years that I yearn to visit Egypt - I am a big Egyptology and history freak. I suppose it doesn't cost that much and so perhaps one day I will be able to fulfil a childhood dream. It isn't that safe to visit these days so who knows. It's one of those episodes that I first found out about Varanasi and it felt great to visit that place, finally.

Beyond the places to go and see which I do still like, there are other subjects that I like - anything apart from automobile, machinary, guns etc...typical boy stuff, I find it disintresting though airplanes and their crash story is fun in a morbid way. But there's just so much that they show, so many other topics that the TV will never air - considering it is a family oriented channel - I turn to YouTube.

Recently discovered Louis Theroux (some find him annoying, I find him kinda cute in the nerdy typical Englishmen kind of way and then there's another guy called Nigel Marven which I also kind like -SLUT!) and his documentaries on subjects that are sort of like taboo - sex, pornography etc etc and a friend of mine introduced me to a series focussing on ladyboys and such. Rather interesting subject which I believe every gay boy can relate to. Discrimination, coming out, self realisation and finding love - don't we all want love? But just as it is hard for a gay boy, I think it is even harder for them. They are probably more 'man' in some sense, brave to fight for what they believe in and live the life that they want. Total respect for them!

At the end of the day, no matter where you are from, who you are, we are all the same, no?



William said...

When I was a kid, I used to watch a lot of old documentaries on RTM. My fave were underwater documentaries. Jacques Cousteau? Anyway, yummy eye candy.

savante said...

Now watching some documentaries on Culinary stuff in China.