Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Being Boring

One of the biggest sports event which is also one of the biggest advertising 'event' - SuperBowl just ended a couple of days ago. The usual talk about SuperBowl for us would be the cost for half time ads - a whopping USD4million for 30second. That and also the tradition of producing viral friendly and great ads has always been thing for agencies in the states. Some of these spots run for 2minutes. Go do the calculations. The world outside of US wouldn't be bothered with the games, but much more on the ads and there are a couple of good ones here and there but like it or not, it felt like this year the game has taken a back seat - it's almost like Beyonce's concert supported by a game and not the other way around.

What is more suprising is that why people actually love that girl so much? I mean she has talent and she can sing - despite the lip snyc scandal but she's insanely boring. Started the whole show with Crazy in Love which is great but the choreography is as old as the song - which is actually 10 years old. I can still remember the same moves from all her previous performances and the least she could have done is to break it down, give some new moves and breathe new life into a new song like all proper artist. Don't mention Madonna, just take Kylie - I have watched her concerts and performances numerous times over the years - she managed to do different things for Can't Get You Out Of My Head - reinterpret it for the old fans and give it a new twist for the new.

All said and done, I am not entirely suprised though. I followed one of the guys in fashion and he's a big fan and was seen tweeting and begging Beyonce not to repeat the same moves before the show but during the show I don't see any complaints from him. I guess fans are sometimes deluded that way but it's just really amazing how someone so uninspiring can be so successful, don't get me started on the stupid baby name, the baby announcing stunt and so called fashion icon title (my ass! that is probably according to people who read InStyle - that rag has NO style unless of course you are Juicy Couture loving American housewife). It's one of those few things that I will never understand like American football.

Queen Beyonce? Bitch please!

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William said...

I watched it yesterday. Madonna's was more of a visual feast for me.