Sunday, January 06, 2013

No one wants to fuck a curly haired...

...skinny guy with glasses and facial hair. I can't say it's a fact but I am actually living that life. At the risk of going down the usual gay self depreciation thread - this is merely more of an observation than anything else. There was this day, on New Year's eve if I wasn't mistaken that I was driving out from the office rather early and lo and behold this most beautiful crossed the road and I sweared that my eyes were on him more than on the road.

Now if you are familiar with my blog, you would know that this type of gorgeous-ness - the usual short spiked up hair with glasses, lanky with the right fitting pants and shirts and tie wouldn't usually turn my head around but hey, some sort of meat crossing the road, it's anytime better than chicken. Can you imagine, if I can turn around and look and probably the whole gay population would more likely than not be attracted to him. And I thought to myself, what did he got that I don't have?

Ok, so the face you can't do anything about unless you can afford cosmetic surgery. Maybe it's the hair. I mean this guy is sporting the typicak guy cut and totally squeaky clean cut. That should count for alot in the local gay scene. I am not. I don't like to be clean cut. So where does that leave me? I am not a cub, so the facial hair does me nothing. Nor the curly hair. Even my friends cringed. Really, who would fuck me?

But then when I think about it - when you troll social media dating sites and apps, there are hundreds of these gay beautiful clones and more often than not, they are all single. So what's the problem? Maybe for them, they think they can hold back, do better and wait for the best guy to come along and not the usual flies.

So, no matter how 'marketable' you are, we all go to bed alone at night then? I don't know. I am not entirely convinced there is so called look but sprucing out is nothing something to be discounted as well. How much do you change - when it's no longer yourself? One thing is for sure, I am not rushing to throw away my beard trimmer anything soon so it's the bad attitude that needs to go.


William said...

Would ditching glasses for contacts be considered betraying your true self?

thompsonboy said...

Yes. Indeed.

savante said...

Love yourself like I do!