Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Days of our lives

It's been awhile since I did any bimbo talk but I know I did it before and I know that I have it in me but yes, it's been awhile. It is also a while since I last meet up with Upstairs Bitch. Now Upstairs Bitch for those who don't remember used to work upstairs - in the same building as I did. We both used to be minions in two different international agency and will meet for lunch and also cigarette. There's a fire escape where everyone used to smoke there till kingdom comes.

And we used to go out often to bitch about our lives and then shopping. After that, I will usually head home and she will go and meet the most unsuitable men. Then again, I was also seeing some unsuitable men here and there. So it's been 6 years, we are no longer bitching (not much at least) and against all odds, she got married and now running her husband's business. So, happily ever after? Not really but I think she's much better now. The last time I saw her was during her wedding and she's been married for more than 6 months now. So New Year's day brunch is in order and she seemed more relaxed, thinner than thin though (bitch!) and yes still complaining but I believe at a certain age, people tend to accept things that comes along and make the best out of the situation. I know I did.

Everyone's trying to be happy and it's good. For once, she and people generally don't really complain much about their life. Or maybe it's just me. As for bimbo talk - there's plenty about arm candies.

UPDATE: totally forgotten about how the Upstairs Bitch has quit smoking. Yes!!! who would have guessed? I mean we used to smoked like there's no tomorrow. Come to think about it if we continue...there is no tomorrow. I guess anything can happen. Both of us quit.


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William said...

Guess up to a certain level of complaining, we pasrah a bit