Thursday, January 10, 2013

Asphyxia Me

The thing about being with your friends is that you sometimes blur the line of what you should or should not say as you usually intend the best for them and I do not believe in the type of friendship of calculating down to the 45cents and leaving them to their own devices whenever it suits me. Though some so called 'friends' that I have seen actually do that. People are strange, yes I know.

So it has came to my attention that a friend indeed is going through something and as a so called half decent person, you would ask how the condition is and little would you expect to be called suffocating. The funny thing is that friend chooses to tell anyone and everyone who cared including her family about the condition - just like the way she do all the time and would it be too much to expect people asking about it then for updates? I have came to the conclusion that she wants the attention as and when it suits her. Another friend agreed.

The new me would probably give her a piece or two or three of my mind but I decided to let the whole thing drop. After all, she doesn't need me telling her off though it has worked in the past before - some people just needs a slap on their face to wake them up. You would want a friend to warn you or pull you away from a hole, no? Maybe just me.

The me that I am is trying on this new thing - nothing deluded and certainly not 'oh it's the new year and so it's the new me' kinda superficial statement that one make online or with friends just to get reassurance that their life is going somewhere even though it is not - this is for life and for better. Just let it be. Really let it be. No more complaining about it. No more telling people about it or telling people off. Let it be. Just let it be.


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