Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No one is coming to save us

There is something about the power of imagination and human mind that is so powerful that it creates idea and images of what can come. Many a times, these creations centres around the idea of how great life would be if only...(fill the blanks with whatever that you want or need at that moment, be it men, clothes, money etc etc) and just dream the hours if not days away.

We often dream and think about how things can better when we are stuck in a rut if only we have someone to take us away, literally in a land far far away and dare we hope, live happily ever after. Like it not, no matter how strong or sensible you are, everyone is guilty at one point or another in their life when they imagined the possibilities of being saved by a knight with PR and credit cards.

And it doesn't help when things like this actually happened to some people you know or some people that your friend knew and you just couldn't help but wondered why it has yet to land on your lap as well? I mean, helloo...I am just as bad looking and I have a brain.

So then is it about fairness or karma or the why oh why does bad things only happen to me or it's just about luck. Life's sucky like that - but one thing for sure dreaming is all good but action is more important. At the end of the day, no one can come to our rescue other than ourselves. I need to save myself.


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