Monday, December 10, 2012

It was Golden

In life, we are usually defined by the final outcome, success or what you manage to get at the end are the measures of what you put in. Though that might not always be true, to a certain extend some sort of rewards will come one way or another. It's good if there's money involved but for people who are tad passionate about the things that they do, winning an award is like the right icing on that damn cake that you worked so hard on.

When I started out in this industry, just like everyone else, winning an industry award is something that we (secretly) hope to achieve. Not sure how or when but it's something to look forward to. Be it a creative or marketing effectiveness award, it all seem so glamourous. Though I have yet to be in Cannes for the award of the awards, I've managed to finally snag my first two Effie with my team last week - it is 4 years in the making.

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, I have been trying to win this fella for awhile now. There was plenty of occasion in the past when my projects went in as finalist but never a metal. The feeling is great, while waiting for them to call you names, you wouldn't want to be called so early in case you get a bronze or silver but you want them to call you before the gold runs out. It's really neverwrecking.

While it's great to get something, I wouldnt let it define me - after all winning an award is more than just hard and good work. Alot to do with luck, politics and also presenting the case in the mannner that sometimes overshadow real results. But for now, it's good and this is a nice closure for the year.

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savante said...

Time for some new resolutions!