Friday, December 28, 2012


I've been supporting Kiva - a non profit organisation in micro financing, in laymen term - they use my money which I contributed like around USD15 (and many other USD15 from people who donated/or loaned) to help people from all over the world who are usually rejected from getting loans because they are high risk. People who are really poor who needs little money to turn their life around - a few hundred to set up a small store, buy a goat or cow etc etc and they will need to pay the loan back. Once paid back, the money will go back to me and I can choose to pass it on to another person as a loan.

So essentially, we are not feeding them fish but giving them the means to buy a rod so that they will learn and continue to fish for themselves. This can break the cycle of poverty and also change lives. Only for as low as USD15. I mean what is USD15 for most of us? What a wonderful idea!!! LIKE!!!! Try it for yourself. It's only USD15.

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