Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in recap

I think 2012 for me has been quite interesting and good to a large extend, there's a few low points here and there but all said and done, vital for me to grow as a person and I am still learning, still trying and still not giving up.

1. India - fulfilled some sort of always wanted to do/visit kinda thing but never really thought much about it and it was in a word awesome. Need to think about more bucket list (of course not counting some places that I have visited for the first time like Oz, Samui, NZ etc etc

2. Savings - first year that I see savings in my bank account, despite the retail recap, I did managed to save up quite alot for the future.

3. Humility and kindness - lots of occassion has thought me about humility and I am still along way from being good. Sure, there were slaps on the face but sometimes it's necessary to wake me up. As for kindness, you learn and appreciate kindness from others and in return, return that back. That and being grateful for everything

4. Friends and family - they are evergreen, always will be there and always good.

5. Dreams - time to really make them happen.  Next year will be interesting. Watch this space.


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