Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sucking it up

Experiences in life changes the way you look at life. It could be after the death of a loved one, having your heart broken, seeing your child for the first time or even experiencing a new place. And that is the beauty of living.

I find it so easy to be extra philosophical about life when I travel, which is another reason why I love travelling. It used to be very much what sites I want to see, what can I buy (yes I still buy them and I relish the little bits and pieces that I've collected from all over the world)but these days, it's a little more than that. I suppose when we travel, we can afford to look at life from a macro point of view or in layman term, bigger picture. Our daily lives and routines trap us into going with the flow and not seeing the whole thing in totality. Are we doing it right? Is this the way it should be? No..and instead we are just doing things for the sake of doing.

Travel pulls us out from the bubble and forces us to take time, away from our situation. It frees up our mind to think about life from the other side. Sort of like looking in and looking back at what you do. Also when confronted with a bigger world outside of the world that surrounds yourself, it makes you and your problems seems very small. And it's true, it's really small. It doesn't really matter.

Which sometimes irks me when people can't seem to get beyond their problems. Sure, everyone has them - I haven't spoken to my father for a few months now, I have things to catch up on, worries about the future etc etc just like everyone but doesn't I need to be put down by all of this problems. The best quality that I believe one should have is to be grateful for what we have.

I have said this over the course of many many times and when you can be grateful for what you have then perhaps you will slowly be able to achieve some small amount of happiness. It's not easy esp when we live in the world of eternal discontent. Everything is just not good enough. I need a bigger car, a bigger house, a better career, look hotter, want bigger dicks, better looking boyfriends...that sort of nonsense. Of course there's always going to be a bigger dick on a bigger boyfriend. When will it end?

And I can't help trying to help people around me to be happier - after all, that's a good thing to do. I believe in being here for a good cause. I am not a humanitarian, I am not Jolie, I can't save the world but I am trying to make it a better place within my power. I try to do my part in saving the environment, doing charity work, encourage people to think beyond their problems even though sometimes I still end up home with plastic bags but the key word here is try. So it also pains me to hear a friend commented that I am being philosophical as though I am just daydreaming about the perfect world. I am far from that. I know there's nothing perfect. Perhaps I should just shut up and let people be and be unhappy is what they seek, who am I to say otherwise? There will be down days for everyone and so the trick is to bounce back from it the soonest possible.

I just wished people would suck it up - they and their first world problems and I will learn to do the same - suck up any advice and keep them to myself.


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savante said...

That's why it's to sometimes get away and get a new perspective on life. Time for a break perhaps?