Thursday, October 11, 2012

National Coming Out Day - My Story

Everyone has a story when it comes to coming out and that's nice. Since it's the National Coming Out Day, thought I would like to share mine, it's nothing special. Maybe so for me because it wasn't anything dramatic or life changing and perhaps thats the way it should be. But it changed the course of my life and I cannot imagine living otherwise.

I remembered coming out to a bunch of friends in high school towards the end of the course, I don't remember why I did it but I just did it. It didn't feel weird and after that, it has become easier and I have never live my life pretending to like girls etc anymore. I didn't pretend to be not gay in my college and has always been out at work. I guess cats can go like, yeah well who are you kidding if you don't come out, people already knew - but hey at least I have the guts to live my life the way I want it to be.

Alot of people sadly are still in the closet. Everyone lives a different life and with different problems (career ceiling/suicide, family issues etc) so I won't go judging those who didn't. But think about this for a second, if you are a sensible, good, law abiding and tax paying citizen that is not out, all the society is seeing (judging) is from what the media potray us to be - always camp, HIV/AIDS,sex,drugs related and everything negative. That's all that they get to go by. Do you blame them for stereotyping us? Personally I am determined to live my life as a good gay person - many of them are crushed because I am not the sleazy gay they think all gay would be, molesting them and spying on them in toilet for eg. I just told them straight boys - honey, just because you have a dick doesn't mean I will take it. I have better taste you know. Life is too short to pretend.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.


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