Monday, September 03, 2012

Looking up

So it was a painful weekend with my back acting here and there but I believe things are getting better. It's hard to tell because it will get abit sore when I get to the office and spending so much time in front of the PC doesn't help.

But maybe, just maybe that I am not suited for this job? Or maybe someone higher is trying to tell me something. I don't know I mean I am quite good at what I do and it pays decently well enough for me to indulge in many many material things and travels. So it's not like I am not grateful or whatever. Maybe I am just bored. Well, I am actually quite bored to be honest. I don't know how long this can last. Tried very hard to do a pick me up, I mean I have been dressing up to work, trying to wake up at proper times etc but somehow I know I am just not into it anymore.

Or maybe it's just a crossroad for me. I know things won't get easier this year...not even next so it's a matter of just taking it in and be happy with whatever that is given to me.

I just don't want to think too much about things.


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William said...

Back pain is troublesome! Hope you get it solved soon.