Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Lessons I've learnt from Tom

So I spent a good half of yesterday jostling between looking for the history of Valentino and getting all warm and passionate about red - there is something absolutely enchancting about the color red and this documentary on Tom Ford which I've found absolutely enlightening - yes there is actually something to learn despite the superficiality of the fashion industry. I know I have loved and abandoned and loved Tom (A Single Man) time and time again. Some people think he is a God and some think he's an arrogant douche who oversexualized the 90s and has gone passed his prime.

1. Like all gay men, we are hopelessly attracted to beauty
Be it fashion or men, they are all no good and at the end of the day, everything changes and fades. It's ok to love beautiful things but it's almost as important to understand that it will never last and what is more important is your love ones and family. I believe allowing myself to actually love superficial items is a first step towards that - not feeling guilty for it.

2. When depressed, put on a suit 
Well, I am far too lazy to put on a suit and it's too hot anyway but he is right. When you are feeling the dumps (not that type), it's easy to just go with life without really thinking and getting excited about anything. I used to dressed up for work and now I look like a drag, something that the cat dragged in, that is. Granted, the office building is crap and all and there's no cute lawyers and such to flaunt your beauty but still, I am trying really hard to dress up just for no occassion at all. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I do however get tired of answering people on why I look better. I am like, whats the big freaking deal? I have all these clothes, it's just that I couldn't be arsed in the past to show it to you.

3. Don't talk about what you want to do
Which is quite true as well, because you tend to build some sort of unrealistic expectations of what you will do and real life will never live up to the things that you draw in your mind. Maybe I should stop talking now.

Hmmm....on second thought, I need more lessons.

Watch Tom Ford OWN Visionaires documentary, 


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