Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's confirmed!

So I've updated my travel counter since I've booked the tickets. I didn't think I will be going for another big trip considering I have next to no leave left for this year but somehow I managed. Sure, it will cost money but nothing good comes cheap.

I can't wait!!!


UPDATE - sharing the itenary for anyone who is interested to visit New Zealand in one week. Mad. I know. This plan involves getting on a few flights and a car to drive.

Day 1: 11 NOV
1345       Arrive at AKL
1500       In the City/Back to HSE to rest/quick bite
1800       Dinner at town and early rest

Day 2: 12 NOV  
0400       Leave the HSE for airport
0500       Arrive at airport
0700       Flight to QZN
0845       Arrive at QZN
   Tour QZN – Gondola Ride / Ferg Burger etc etc
   Overnight at QZN - $35 but the view is TDF

Day 3: 13 NOV  
0600       Drive to Milford Sound (288 km / 4hrs 6 min)
   Cruise (1 hour)
1200       Drive to Te Anau (118 km / 1hrs 46min)
   Overnight at Te Anau OR
1500       Drive to Bluff/Invercargill (185km / 2hrs 39min)
   Overnight at Bluff/Invercargill

Day 4: 14 NOV 
1000       Leave for Wanaka  (from Te Anau 228km / 3hrs 11min) OR
1200       Leave for Wanaka (from Bluff/Invercargill 270km  / 3hrs 43min)
0000       Lake Wanaka
0000       Drive to Mt Cook National Park (206km / 2hrs 43min)
0000       Mt Cook National Park   (Overnight)     
Day 5: 15 NOV 
1000       Drive to Lake Tekapo (103km / 1hrs 24min)
1200       Lake Tekapo
1400       Drive to CHC (225km /3hrs 14min)
1800       Arrive at CHC
Day 6: 16 NOV 
0000       Full day at CHC sightseeing
1910       Flight to AKL
2030       Arrive at AKL
2130       Arrive at HSE

Day 7: 17 NOV 
0000      AKL Sight Seeing - TBC
1600      Leave HSE for airport
1650      Arrive at Airport 

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