Sunday, September 09, 2012

Gay of our times: Body issues

For the coming weeks, I would like to explore and think more about the issues that seems to bother us gay men till the cow comes home and make cheese and sometimes when you think a little deeper about, you will find yourself asking why are the rest of the gay world doing all this silly things, thinking about silly shit and sometimes even catching your ownself guilty of commiting things that are almost always superficial faster before you can say 'herd mentality'.

The thing that I have strike me most, I believe from the begining of time would be our attraction to great physique - either the need to be near one or the longing to have a great one - doesn't matter which one because it is equally important for most people anyway. Please, admit it - the first thing you would probably searched for when you first access the www was probably pictures of hot guys. I knew I did. Ha.

And I don't think it's wrong. Hell, I like looking at a hot bod just like any other fag out there and though I am hardly one of those blessed or arsed to work hard enough to get a solid body, it has never been something that keeps me up at night. Sure, bitches would go like, girl....and that is why you are single and those gym obsessed rat would surely never pass me any glance (though I have to think about how superficial it is to dimiss a person just because he's not into being a hulk, hey what happened to great personality and conversation?) but what do you get at the end of the day apart from being able to go topless now and then and wear a speedo and pose with you iPhone and send those pictures out?

Well, some might fancy seeing themselves as 'model', perhaps thats another issue which is vanity (another gay thing) or perhaps like to attract like bodied people, notice I wouldn't use the world mind because I am very curious about the mind part. I have said I have to here previously about how deeply suspicious I am about these people who talks about nothing but gym, classes, how they missed their classes, the classes sucked, this class is better than the other class etc etc. What is also very funny is that while I can understand that a few here and there doing the same routine, being mentaly crazied about eveything fitness, wearing the same type of clothes (those Private Structure sleeveless tee), going for the same type of friends and regime, with the same iPhone - its so weird but they just seemed to transformed into this herd of fitness zombies that does the same thing with no varying personalities and differences between them.

Is it something about too much exercise killing the braincell or tastebud? That can't be true for all. I do respect people who are doing it for the health portion and choose not to talk about it day and night and still have a life and personality but those people are so far and few in between. So what does that leaves us? Abit of pressure no doubt to spruce up myself - even I have felt the pressure to look good and still feeling it from time to time and wondered how would life be if I am actually desperate enough to let myself become one of those zombies.

I don't know. Will I be happier with a great body? I don't know. Maybe I will benefit from a great health thanks to working out but thats as far as I can see, in terms of benefit. Maybe I will never see eye to eye with those adonis crazed people or maybe I will forever be lazy and eventually fat. I will however need to go back to having a healthy life - I think that's something to consider when you are in your 30s. You bash and you abuse your body to death in the 20s with all the partying, drinking, eating and smoking and before you end up paying for it in your 40s, better try and reverse it back now. That I believe in my deepest should be the focus, losing the inches and the dan lain lain lagi is probably secondary. After all, how long do you think you can maintain the hotness. Later everything will sag anyway. Hair will fall, things will be gone. I think I rather want to clutch and hold on to the health bit. After all, I still have the world to see and that to me is what I believe is important.

I wished more people will come out and say it's ok to not be hot and have a great bod and shit. I don't know what all these is doing to the young gay men coming out, thinking that this is all there is to being gay. Well, for the record, I am saying it is not. Don't get suckered into thinking this is everything. But having said that, lay off those french fries and double cheeseburgers as well! Fat or fit, those shits aint good for anyone.

Perhaps I am being too harsh about the whole fitness thing? Just because it's not my thing, I shouldn't knock it off no? Maybe that is true as well - there are plenty of good people, doing good things with gaining good benefits from working out but I guess I am just pointing out the ugly side of things. Be fit, don't be a herd! Burn those PS tees!



William said...

Get fit once so that later in life one would be able to sing this:

All alone in the moonlight
I can smile at the old days
I was beautiful then
I remember the time I knew what happiness was
Let the memory live again

savante said...

Once they get into the gym culture, it really takes over and becomes a part of their lives. So they live, eat and sleep gym. Sad...

Anonymous said...

Some gays eat, sleep and dream gym. Other gays eat, sleep and dream 'fashion/bags/looking fabulous/partying/art/whatever'.

Same same, but different.

It's OK to be within a niche you are comfortable in. It's also easy (but unrecommended) to make fun of those that are not within this circle of familiarity....