Sunday, August 26, 2012

The conditions that we live in

The freedom to live and life is probably one of the most important thing (and sometimes underated)that this country has awarded to everyone despite all the imperfections and problems that we face and lament each and every other day. At least we have the choice to do whatsoever with our lives, be it throw it away and have fun all the day or be productive and be a milionaire if you can. But as time goes by and age clocks in, it seems like freedom is something that we used to dream about when we had none - remember those days when we were young and think about the future ahead when we can so call do eveything that we've always wanted to.

Ah, but the future isn't the future no more and its of present and what are we doing with it? Still wishing things away I presumme. Still thinking about in the so called future when we can retire and do everything that our heart desires. Don't get me wrong, no one can truly be 100% happy but I will damned if I don't at least strive for 110%.

It's not like we don't have the choice, rather more like we are too chicken shit to make those decisions. Sure, it won't be easy and some people will be hurt and dissapointed, certain things have to be given up and nothing will be easy but has anything good come out from easy? No, I am not talking about being an easy laid, sure the orgasm is a good thing but what about the afterwards? Ok so I am digressing again. Everywhere I turn to, everyone is so pre-occupied with doing things that are so called the right thing but how can it be right when it's not making anyone happy?

It's just so sad to find that we are constant prisoner in the trappings of our own doings and desires. Just one more accesory to buy, just another few thousand to save, just another house to purchase, just another new car upgrade, or that new gadget that is coming out next week. These things supposed to make us happy so to make everything else bearable but the problem to begin with is actually the life itself. You don't need all those if you are happy to begin with. Oh, I can go on and on about how but we need those things to be happy and in order to get those stuff, we need to do things that we weren't too happy about.

And so here we are again, constant craving and forever imprisoned despite no one locking us up but our own self. It's ironic to think when so many people out there in the world would kill to get the freedom and the luxury of making a life out of it and yet we surrender it, just like that.

Well, if I can afford myself to be doing everything that I want, I guess I should at least try to pretend to be decently happy about it. The world needs another less grumpy person. Smile even if it kills you, thats what I'd say.


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