Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pain is a four letter word

Such is life as phrased by someone - "not up to you not to believe" - I, the person who never encounter much pain when it comes to my back is finally experiencing it. I am not talking about the back being my arse but rather my actual back. Not on the spine but the muscles feel sore like hell.

Not sure what's the cause for it, I have a few suspicion but mainly I do think it has something to do with prolong bad posture. I have no decided what to do yet as I have spoke to many friends in the industry who has experienced the same or similiar pain. Everyone is telling me a different thing and I am just taking time off and keeping it easy to see if it's due to me killing myself to death with the new exercise. One thing for sure, I am reeeealllly feeling it.

Well, here's to a long and painful weekend.



savante said...

Head for a massage. If that still doesn't work, perhaps a chiropractor.

Hdaran said...

Take up light dancing classes... It'll improve your posture... About the pain, I'd savante's advice..