Thursday, August 23, 2012

Being very lazy

So everyone is still not back and the traffic is extremely lovely. All this makes me feel like I am still on holiday - in fact the last 5 days have been nothing short of doing nothing but eat, sleep and spend.

I have to say besides being very fat, I am also not feeling up to anything at all. Just missed my running today during lunch and actually went for lunch but sooner or later I need to haul that fat ass over and get things done.

But since everyone is not in the mood, I will pretend that I don't need to do the work till next week when everyone is back to work. Here's to the weekend of doing nothing but rubbish. Well, doing nothing is essentially throwing away time, no? Yet another wait for salary to come or wait for another month or wait for another thing kind life.

I need to win that damn 36 million lottery soon.

Photo credit: Rodolfo Martinez / Homotography

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