Friday, July 13, 2012

This Sweet Love

It's Friday and music is the only thing keeping me company (apart from my friends). Just want to share this piece of music, first heard on Kitsune compilation (which I reaaaaaally love) and since then has become the soundtrack for my travelling. Love listening to it through the long drive at night.

Naturally, it has to be the remix, more haunting and extra long. The orgasm kicks in at 4.20sec. Trust me, it's good. May I present to you James Yuill.

Only managed to google this dude over the weekend. Honestly just by hearing his voice, you cannot imagine how he will look like. Turned out, he's a Brit and geeky. Major love. Sure he's not hot but anyone who can make such sweet music and sing like that + wear glasses is a major turn on for me. Love.

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William said...

It is quite a surprise.