Sunday, July 08, 2012

It's not easy

Don't believe life would be called life if it's easy to live through. While on paper it seems like I have everything and I do have alot and I am thankful for it but I can't escape the cosmic cycle of torture that will visit everyone once in awhile. One simply just cannot escape unhappiness nor trouble. Even if you choose to give up everything and anything, trouble will still seek you.

So then I am having a tough time at work (plus very very busy of late), something which I've never really encountered for the longest time, there's bit and pieces that are also from personal life at home and then there's some unhappiness in here and there but I have decided not to talk about it, as torturous it may be. I have since learnt that even when my back windscreen broke, it is not something that I would want to share with the world for pity or for attention like I used to (just my friends as FYI and also work since I have to be off work to get it fixed) as it all seem and sound so petty ala first world problems.

 The term first world problems (often abbreviated to "FWP")[1] refers to issues perceived as difficult to those residing in the more developed nations (i.e., the First World), but which are banal when compared to the difficulties encountered by those in the less developed Third World.

But that's just me because for others, problems are still problems and to each is their own way of dealing with it.

I mean I shouldn't be complaining about my car issues when some people don't even have a car or work troubles when some people don't have enough to eat. There is this particular vision that haunts me - two little girl (presumably Indian) going through garbages for food.

So then the only choice is to bite your lips and get on with it. Make it work - simple and true. After all, I am not the only one and this won't be the only trouble. Last time it was men, now it's work. For some, it's the saddness of unrequited love or the pain from parents or family while for others it can be Apple, something that you always want but can never get. 

One way or another, it's all pain. But I've learnt alot from pain. It taught me to be more humble and made me realise that I am not as good as I choose to believe. That I am actually quite human without people around me making things happen. That I can fail and fall too, just like anyone - no matter how hard I try and how much I want to succeed. No matter how unfair it all seems to be. So, again, its just life giving me lemon and lemonade is the order of the day. Or at least have it with some gin.

This too, shall pass.


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