Sunday, June 03, 2012

Long Live

Somewhere in the world - a little far far away from here, million of people are enjoying their long weekend, Saturday, Sunday plus two additional bank holiday honouring their queen's 60 years on the throne. This is part of a celebration planned for nearly a year not just for tourism but also trying to lift the spirit up in times of financial troubles.

Back home, I was constantly suprised by people who did know about the jubilee celebration but yet unaware that our own so called King's birthday was indeed yesterday. This I deduct has a lot to do with the fact that Saturday itself is already technically a holiday and in a country where we have so many little holidays all over the year, we simply cannot afford to declare Friday as a holiday (though a minority of companies did give their staff an extra holiday on Friday which explains the clear traffic).

And that is why no one cares or know about it - because it's not a holiday. Furthermore, as a friend of mine casually mentioned, probably the King himself doesn't even know or care, it is after all not his real birth date. Going back to the Queen's celebration, one can see the contrast between a country who loves their monarch vs formality/traditional aka doing it for the sake of doing. Ok, so I need to digress again as to even though some people bitched about the monarch wasting/spending money etc etc, deep down inside, everyone is proud of their royal leader, after all we are talking about a line that goes all the way back to many great leaders to the extend of making Great Britain really great - at one point they ruled 1/2 of the world (let's not go into the arguement of wrong or right)if not more.

No one really knows whats the point of it anymore nor do they seem to care much. And it doesn't help when people who are trying to promote loyalty to the royalty get arrestted - cue Bernard Chandran and his T shirt designs that got him into trouble wherelse in many modern or free country, people are allowed to express their creativity using the leaders or public figures in ways that at the end of the day only promotes more patriotism.

I supposed we just prefer to put them on a high pedetral as a sign of being revered but in this age and time, it only means distance and unapprochable to the extend of nobody really caring nor knowing.

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