Saturday, May 19, 2012

You SPGs you?

It just occured to me that Gigi Leung was married (I was watching some chinese entertainment show) and the presenter keep on mentioning husband this and that named Sergio. I didn't think any Hongkie would call themselves Sergio as they would probably opt for names like Handsome or god forbid, I don't know, Tarmen or something funky. So off to google I went. Turned out to be Spanish. right

I guess we can call her an SPGs but then again if you think about it again, what are the chances of meeting someone who doesn't care about your fame unless it's someone who doesn't know or care for it - easier for an Asian star to marry someone from the west. And is it so wrong to like someone who is completely different? Ok, so most SPGs are after monies but these girls do have their own money to a certain extend.
I don't know about you...pickings are slim from the Chinese pond unless you are Shawn Yu. LOL.

So there Michelle Yeo and Jean Todt,  and this Coco Lee marrying her father..ahem, I meant husband. Rich I am sure. Vera Wang wedding gown no less.


Here's Gigi and Sergio wedding in Ibiza.

Of all these girls, my fav would be Karen Mok and her German husband. They met ages ago when she was studying. Awww....



Back home, we have our very own Aubry Rahim Mennesson who married into royalty. Shall not name and talk too much about it. Later get caught and thrown into jail right? So enjoy this impossibly handsome Frenchman. Malaysia Boleh!

Really, any nationality or race should apply!


savante said...

Search slowly!

Though I would marry some old fellow too if he was rich hahaha.

KAIIWONG said...

I want to marry too now !!


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