Sunday, April 01, 2012

We do love to rape Mother Earth

People who knows me know that I am quite easily outraged. The fact that I couldn't stand bandwagoning and herd mentality is not really a secret. But as promised, these days I try to be nicer and it doesn't pay to be bitchy about it. Nope, half the times arent about bitching but more like telling the truth, the ugly truth but nobody can handle the truth. And the truth would be, you will be labelled as the bitchy bitter tranny queen, so begs the question as to what's the point?

However, this is my blog and sometimes certain things are just asking for it. Take for example, I've been rolling my eyes at the Earth Hour promo that has been making its round with people ACTUALLY CARRYING AND PLAYING WITH CANDLES in replacement of electricity powered lights. I mean like seriously, what is the point? For one hour in a year, we are trying to cut down massive usage of energy and we just replace it with another source of energy (might I add not very clean as well) So why bother having it at the first place?

Since you are having a candle thingy, why not throw in a concert while you are at it right? I mean after all, I am already raping the earth by manipulating a pure intention dressed up a noble act - people need an excuse to go out and not feel bad about it so we add place a bulb in the poster and everyone will be happy joy joy at the end of the day. Of course these people discounted the fact that they HAVE to drive to the concert, the concert actually consumes ELECTRICITY, a horde of people gathering means more consumption of resources and since they are at it, lets light up lantern so that it will float up in the sky and make pretty. Nevermind it's environmentally unfriendly, it is also a safety hazard. Don't forget to do free drinks giveaway so that more people will drive out from their home just to line up for them, after all isn't this what commercialism is all about?

There is an insider joke in the industry whereby we always say that we no longer have soul after selling them by printing and coming out with lies to make people spend more. And to be honest that is very low. However sometimes we also work on projects that needs a light - and we do that. But we never pretend to be something that we are not. We acknowledge that we are most likely going to hell and at least that is better than being so deluded to think that all these so called events are good for earth.

I didn't really shut off all my lights but I didn't purposely consume more energy than usual or needed, I also know what other contributions that I am doing with WWF. But then I never preach to anyone about this. By doing doing alot less is sometimes more for earth.


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