Sunday, April 29, 2012

I, beach

The thing about beaches is that without even realising it, most of my life's memorable moments were spent there and it kinda explains perhaps why I have always been drawn to the sea and sand. I mean sure, everyone do love a holiday and who in their right mind would complain going to the beach (well perhaps most ladies and then some Asian guys would because of the sun and I really couldn't comprehend why they would be fully clothed while walking by the beach)?

No, it's not because it is one place that I can legally so called feast my eyes on topless or near naked men (I mean like hello, have you seen the specimen we have around here) but rather there is something beautiful about the life on the beach. Perhaps it's association with holidays and happier times - I remembered spending crazy time when I was a child on the beach during school holidays only to come back home sunburnt and peeling afterwards.Then there is this year in high school that I've spent a couple of days on the holiday home on the clift - I can still remmebered being so in love with it. Just going down the hill and the breeze and everything about it just says happiness. However over the years, I've grown out of it and never really set foot on one for years to come. There's the occasional local trips now and then but nothing really had too deep of impression on me though there's this one trip with the girls to Langkawi which was quite fun.

But nothing has prepared me for the joy of rediscovering the sea again until very much later when I go on trips on my own with like minded people who just wants nothing but the sun, sea and drinks (oh, the partying) and that's fine by me. Since then, I've been to one at least once a year and doesn't look like I will stop anytime soon. Granted, I will stop going to places that I've been previously either out of sheer boredom (Phuket is so over) and also to get new experiences in a new place. To me, the beach will always be a home and who knows, I will eventually make it my home. If not now, then later.



William said...

I grew up near the beach, but I did not turn out as a beach boy :D

thompsonboy said...

you are a bitch boy