Sunday, April 08, 2012


So I've been trying to do the right thing and save as much as I can in order to do the things I thought almost impossible - see the world and even as I was making plans I knew the biggest hurdle would not be family objections or future/problems or even money. I knew the biggest enemy would be sharing the same sheets as me and yes, the enemy is me.

It's no secret that I love to spend money. Though I am and have been cutting down on drinks and whatever that is not necessary, I am still finding it tough to cut down on fashion. Especially on nice and pretty looking bags. I have stopped stocking up on cute and quirky finds that I think would be perfect for my future home. After all, the future home remains in the future and very likely on the cloud. And I've figured that I should go by the principle of home is where the heart is and it can be anywhere.

My greatest weakeness come in the form of arm candy and I've told myself that I can do it. Some sites that I've visited advised me that in order to get what I want, see what I need to - sacrifices are a must. It's matter of how bad you want to see the Sphinx or check out the boys at Rio. Though I want it bad, I just can't say no to em damn bags. So in between I've fallen. I mean these people really go the extra mile like having two jobs, really cutting down on socialising and luxury items just to save enough to see more of the world. I really admire them.
I won't go into the details that in theory I have not really spent extra on them because I always contra it off by selling another but that would just be lying to my own self and trying to make myself feel better. And there is no point for that. I am not that deluded yet.

I believe that I need to take this to another level, dicipline is crucial and something that I don't posses but I need to be very realistic. I know that this cannot be changed overnight. An addict needs his rehab (though I confess the need of going to a fashion rehab everything I shop) After all, it took me years and a couple of tries in order to kick cigarettes away and I've always been a firm believer that when you are ready to kick those bad habits away, it will be done. Not when you are not ready. Again, I cannot use that as excuses fall back and as reason for my bad behaviour.

Yes, I am only human but this human is trying. Well, let's try harder!

Hello? Darrrrling the new shipment of Céline bags has arrived!


William said...

Ever hear of Bags Anonymous?

naboonies said...

Thanks for dropping by Dunia Fashyon! I thoroughly enjoyed reading blog as well. Regarding your bag obsession, I guess we all have some kind of fixation when it comes to articles of clothing. In my case, I always can't help myself admiring a good pair of shoes or two. Haha!

Hafidzudin of Dunia Fashyon