Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chin up

Youth is wasted on the young

Sometimes when I look back in my life, I wished that I could go back and tell myself to be happier. Life's great now so there's no point wasting them thinking all these thoughts, worrying about things and ultimately think that I was too good and too mature for my age. What a joke! I was far from mature and more of a moody cow.

No matter how well grounded you are, you are never going to be mature sans the experience to compensate for it. You can think that you have the principle but there's no chance of putting them into test. Most principle are rubbish and changes as life change. It's not to say that you don't have backbone. It's more adapting. Life stops when we are unable to adapt to our surrounding.

But above all, don't be so serious. Life is one fun ride. No point being so serious all the time. Laught at it. I don't have everything but it seems and feel like I do. I used to think that I need a boyfriend and a house and this and that to feel complete. I am still without a boyfriend, not really my own house and yet so fulfilled. And don't get me started on how stupid I was thinking that by the time I turn 30 and I am still single then I need to really do something drastic. What a big mistake. 30 is just the beautiful start of my life - I am earning enough to do many things and it's just begining of many things to come.

However I do miss the younger days when I can eat anything and not gain an inch or compared to the energy I had back then, I am practically a slow coach. But unlike most people, I won't waste my time now worrying about things. Life is for living, not worrying and being unhappy.


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Da Closet Guy said...

Live your life to the fullest without regrets. :)