Saturday, March 31, 2012

A new destination

If you've read about me and my little adventures in India, you would know that I didn't sign up for enlightenment or soul searching when I picked that country for holiday but rather just because I love old stuff and shit like that. But like it or not, I came back with new perspective in life and it's a good thing.

While I am being more patient at work and learnt forgiveness for stupidity, I am also increasingly impatient when it comes to having the life that I've wanted. I've asked myself if I could be happy knowing that this (refering to my work and space)is what I will be looking at for the rest of my life and without a doubt the answer is no. And no means I have to do something about it. During my travel, I was in awe with people who quit their jobs or took months and sometimes even years just to travel and that I agree is the best way to see the world. There are more or less 196 countries in the world and how many of it that I've seen? I can only say a handful. And hence the, I-wish-I-can-be-like-these-people and as usual I started comforting myself by reasoning that these people can do that because they have more annual leaves, longer holiday and higher earning power/currency compared to me but deep down, I know these are just excuses.

Perhaps you wouldn't understand what's the big deal about seeing other countries and the world, I mean I was like that and now I really discount places like Europe and all because they are increasing becoming generic and the comfort and ease of travel makes it too similiar to home to have an impact but to go somewhere really different and exotic - that really opened my eyes and got me really really excited. Excited to know that there are many places out there that are completely different from what I get on a daily basis and experiencing the real thing is a far cry from what I saw on TV. And there is no point travelling back and forth, seems more practical (cheaper too) to go in a whole circle and do it at one go. I really hope to cover places that I've missed out in India, move on to Pakistan, Iran, Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Morroco, Africa and South America for now.

So instead of hoping and wishing, I sat down and did my calculations and drew up a plan that will work towards getting there. Still alot of details that I am not looking at for the moment but I am trying very hard to shed my spending habit and the first thing that I striked out was buying more expensive bags and stop having so many small trips over the year unless it was paid for (and thank God that I am lucky that way).

I mean of all people, I should be the one who is doing this, it's like as though I was made for this. I am single (with no plans of marrying) and my family doesn't depend on me, I am mature enough and yet young enough to rough it out, no extra commitment to anything - really no excuse to follow my heart and do what I want to do. I do not want to be those people (no offence and I was one of them) who complains about their life and yet do nothing about it. People who have nothing more to look forward to and cherish other than the usual material comfort - gay people tend to be easily lost in the world of style, glam and wanting/spending more. And then secretly wishing their life away and keep on doing what they dislike and comforting and lying to themselves that there is no choice but the truth is life is full of choice - some very difficult ones indeed.

But it's worth it.


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Wow. This post is really the turning point. Even the theme matches.