Monday, March 19, 2012

Censoring myself

It used to be so easy to just say everything and anything on my mind - after all this country is not only ran but also full of selfish and ugly people that it doesn't take much effort since I like to believe I know better but after awhile, what's the point? You can bitch about traffic, about why people are so stupid to discuss over the accident on the site instead of moving their cars to the side of the road - if it's not for other's sake then at least for your own safety. It is still a road at the end of the day and cars can anytime come running and hit all of you. But that's just us.

You can bitch about how things are done, there are so many efficient ways of doing things and yet people never pause to think about how to make things better or the level of service and quality of products here in this country - what you earn doesn't corelate to what you put in and you need to spend alot to really get things in decent quality and even sometimes when you have to pay through your nose, you end up with waiters that can't make recommendations. Btw, skip S.Wine if you can. Crap.

So this post can be me bitching about more things but that would be pointless no? At the end of the day, nothing is safe. After all, everyone knows that by adding everyone on Facebook, you will eventually stop updating it for the fear of oversharing. There's client, boss, people you did business with, not very close friends, some so called frenemies etc etc. Then it's twitter, even that also is not sacred. So what do I do? Keep everything in my head. Else you will be branded as a complainer or a bitch. Just because you won't settle for stupidity or less than what you believe should be. But then, maybe because people aren't interested of change nor believing in bitchiness. So you ended up being a fool and at own expense.

Besides, after all you get used to keeping things in your head and maintaining my cool. Sometimes, it's just not worth it.


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