Monday, February 06, 2012

It's raining everyday, it seems

They say it's not a matter of how much you earn but rather how much you save - savings as in money that you put away either for investment, or stashed away for those rainy days like when your favourite designer is on sale or finally getting that thing that you have been coverting for millions of years. You know what I mean.

But it's never easy, is it? You can see money literally pouring out as soon as it gets in, bills and such and then to entertain all the hungers that you kept well supressed since last month, before you know it the 100 ringgit bill is broken into smaller denominations and then it becomes smaller and smaller till you don't know where it all went. How about pulling out that certain small sized card and just let it swipe away all the blues? (shopping seems to cure everything isn't it?)

And then what do you get at the end of the day and at the end of the month? Nothing has changed and you rack up more damages and you continue the same cycle all over again. Sure, I have wisen up and started saving very much more since last year and sometimes I wondered if this is a gay disease? I mean of all people, we should be the one who need to think about the future. We certainly cannot grow old in a less than fashionable way, can we? yet we spend and buy more and groom and leisure and pamper and decorate and travel like there is no 2013.

To a certain extend and some beliefs, there might not be next year but thats besides the point. There are sayings about living life like there is no tomorrow but living is not about spending all the monies, now is it? And yet, with all this thing that we know and 've learnt and being the smart gay people that we supposedly are, we can't help but to spend. I mean I can't help but to buy. Sure, I cried for shopping rehab many atimes but am I actually serious about it? They say the need to consume is very likely linked to be some unresolved issues and maybe they are right.

Or maybe I am just as much as a victim in this world that we've created - the constant craving and to consume even more. Hell, I make money by coming out with ways to get people to part with their money and buy more so it comes to no surpise that we advertising people actually ranked lower than nasty lawyers when it comes to profession that are respected by people.

I know it's wrong but damn it sure feels good.


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