Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I think, I see, I know

There is always this romantic concept especially when it comes to the west, one takes a trip down to some less than glamourous nevertheless spritual land and you will imediately think Eat, Pray, Love faster than you fart and to a great extend that is true for many people. The world is indeed fill with lost people and capitalism has left us asking more questions, wondering what is the point of this and that and to when will all unhappiness and yearning for more ends. But that's not the trip I booked for. Perhaps it was more Eat, LookSee and the Love part, I would just be happy with a Fling.

But life has a funny way to twist things around and nope, still no Love or Fling but that's kinda expected. After all, I paid for a holiday, not hunk. India is indeed very beautiful, just as I would have expected it to be. I did get alot of whys and whats when people found out that I intended to go there and I am always amazed by those questions - I mean it's one of the oldest civilization on earth with a long and rich history and culture - if I only have one choice, I would glady given up on any European or American state for India. And just as promised, the journey, the palaces and forts were indeed incredible but then there's two extremes to the country. On one spectrum you have the really bold and beautiful while on the other, you have really the bad and ugly.

It's not to say that the dirt, the urine, feces, dungs, spits that I've encountered on a daily basis is the worst thing on earth and in India, I mean it's just part and parcel of a developing country but what really broke my heart was seeing so much poverty. I mean we read and know about it but seeing it first hand, day in and day out is another matter altogether. It really brings things to perspective and make you question at the end of the day, what is important in life. Is the constant chase for more worth it, is life all about serving ownself and how big of a deal is it to have that fabulous bag or fabulous man?

I think to a very big extend, I know this already or else I wouldn't be so bothered with what I see, but it's easy to lose track of life and what is important in our daily grind and be blinded by what is so temporary and superificial. I am begining to see that while I worship and enjoy the art and beauty of the fashion world, most of it are just snobbery which has no purpose other than just being a snob/show off. I believe and know that having nice things are ok, I shouldn't feel guilty about being blessed. In fact, I should be thankful and in return find ways to return my gratitude for the blessings that I've received in life. But life is not all about having good or nice things. My friends weren't too convinced that this will last and like I've said, it's ok to like and buy nice things but it's just not the same anymore and it's not my priority. I am also not going to do anything dramatic like quiting my job and go into NGO.

Being realistic, I know that I cannot save the whole world and while some choose to believe that life is what you make of it, I wouldn't disagree but it is also about what was given to you that you can make out of it. Imagine if there was no opportunity for education at all then what can you make out of it? But I've seen people who worked hard, toiled in difficult situation and they keep on doing it and I admire them for it. I can choose to live my way as it is, exactly the way before I left for India or I can live it in a more meaningful way and I think it's more beautiful and worthwhile if you only open your eyes to see and appreciate what is more important and not fret over things that aren't.

I hope all in all, this will make me a better person and it's no strange coincidence that the finale to my trip was a visit to Mother Teresa's house. Beautiful ending to a beautiful trip.


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