Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Am I supposed to laugh?

Some things never stay the same, this is something that I've realised when I finally hauled my ass out from the couch to do abit of wardrobe organising and in my case it's time to finally say goodbye to those clothes that I either used to think was cool or fit me back then. Ok, so I was practically a size zero back then and I have hold on to clothes that used to fit me like most of the good memories of yesteryears.

But things change, people change and what people used to like isn't the same as today. Case in point, it really baffled me when I was trying (mind you the keyword here is TRYING) to watch this so called popular movie from last year - Bridesmaids. I mean, it is supposed to be funny? Really? Am I supposed to laugh at the mishaps and the loser type lives of some of these women? I mean should I be expecting something considering this is yet another gig from the Apatow money making machine? They make movies like this and Knocked Up and this is supposed to be female empowerment? Do smart, intelligent and sexy woman actually find some stupid fart and toilet joke funny?

I can understand how sense humour has changed from being witty and cute in conversation to the appreciation of akward moments but one should not mistaken akward at almost every moment to be the saving graces of a flick. Maybe it is funny, maybe it's the American. After all, if I don't understand their taste in things such as SuperBowl (I mean for crying out loud the whole world calls the beautiful game as football and yet they have name it soccer like wtf) and what's so big deal about it. I mean even I can't get excited about all the TV spots that are tradionally the so called best and trust me, people in my industry talks about it like there's no tomorrow. But I think it's time to stop giving them so much spotlight and credit. Just because it comes from the land of the free doesn't make it any better than everything else in the world. The same goes with their talent - not all of them are good and through experience, most of them aren't that smart. It's just that they speak better than us, seeing that it's the ONLY language they know after all (and also their mother tongue)

Again, I digress. Maybe I will never understand why some things become so big while others aren't (another case in point, Prime Suspect has not been renewed - with such good lines and writing yet stupid shows that potray woman as ditzy screwy types such as 'Dumb' New Girl gets second season) and I will always think movies such as My Best Friend's Wedding can never be trumped. Maybe like my wardrobe, certain things have change and will never be the same and I am the only one holding on to them like everything else.

Need not to say, I didn't even finish that damn movie.



William said...

Are you supposed to go shopping now?


oh, you should visit my movie blog~ lol