Sunday, January 15, 2012


#DatingIs Appearing interested when she talks about the Ex. Yawnz.

#DatingIs Checking your phone. Every 29 seconds.

#DatingIs Saying 'Yes' to things you always say 'No fucking way' to.

#DatingIs Losing your appetite and self-esteem, and wondering why everything is okay only when she's around. Why.So.Loser.

#DatingIs Mentally and physically preparing for situations that lead to nudity.

#DatingIs Losing sleep, getting distracted at work, losing control. Remember the 'wrecking your life' part?

#DatingIs Basically er....waiting for the other person to call.

#DatingIs Trapping yourself in a vicious cycle of hope, joy, desire, lust, ecstasy, torment, and self-loathing. Does she/he love me at all

#DatingIs Cautiously searching for someone who will wreck your life.

Not dating anyone yet but just saying...and my fav of all would be

#DatingIs Like Instagram. The right filter changes everything.


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