Sunday, December 18, 2011


So the week has been quite eventful in more ways than one. I don't talk much about work these days because I have mix feelings about them. On one hand, I am doing great and working on something that is more memorable and pack enough stories for me to look back when I am old and yet on another, I felt like it might eventually drive me to my own death and that is only because I can't let go and I like it too much for it to fail. The next best thing is then to look else where so that I can rediscover what I love about it and instead of habouring ill feelings towards all the problems that exist.

And hence I decided to skip this year's industry award show and even though I knew that this will be my first time in my short-long career that a few of my works will be winning awards. My ex boss told me once that everyone, not limiting to just creative should strive to walk up that stage and I finally did, albeit missing from stage. Of course I am proud of the work and I can add that to my portfolio but I am just not feeling it. It's like a wake up call for me that something needed to be done. Yet another milestone would be that for the second year running I gave up my tickets to my juniors to attend the show, the idea is that we old foggies who have attended it numerous times will gatecrash later.

I remembered long time ago how I longed to be there and yet no ticket were given to me. Instead, it was for managers and such who has done it all before. I thought it was stupid, unfair and I vowed that I will never do that.

For all the wrong in this world and the wrong that did, I felt like at least there is something right. Life is funny that way.


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Hdaran said...

That was so thoughtful of you! Kudos!!!