Friday, December 30, 2011


You know I am for one not overly big on sharing too much information on blogs - after all you wouldn't know who might accidently bump into it and learn a little too much. Also in the name of good taste, I've or at least I tried avoid certain subjects but then it would probably leave nothing to talk about other than the usual hygiene stuff.

Which brings me to this - I really need to tell you, probably I can laugh over it and maybe you too along the way. Though I hardly think it's laughing matter.

It's not really a secret that I got dumped nearly a year ago and along with that, that's exactly the last time that I got laid. So yesterday out of the blue, someone I knew awhile back but nothing came out from it started talking to me again and things went from one thing to another and suddenly immoral conception is on the table. Thinking that it's my luck (like finally) or the someone up there decided that I've been good this year, one will not fight with providence.

After all, he is like a young daddy type of fella - short haired, clean cut, glasses AND with facial hair. I wish it would end there with happy endings, if you know what I mean.

But life is an expert when it comes to throwing wrench, spanner and a few hammers into the mix - for some strange reason or another all my available 'lobang' for indecent activities are not available. It's like available 24hrs 365 of the year and yet suddenly decides that today is the day off. I won't go into those details but yes, alas, I have no choice but to cancel it.

I probably can laugh over it next year but for now, I will just bang my head on the wall with my temporary virginity still intact.


Brainy Smurf said...

aiyo, it he was a keeper, he could wait la :)

thompsonboy said...

aiyo...who cares about keeping? its just sex

Brainy Smurf said...

then there is nothing to be worry lo. since it's just sex. he will come for you again.

i admire your 1 year chastity :)