Tuesday, November 08, 2011

This bandwagon gotta stop

There's a few things in life that irks me as much as these and I am only saying it because enough is enough. I can try to tune off (yes I can hear shouts of 'if you don't like it then change the channel') but no matter how hard I try to swat them like flies, they refuse to go away like gonorrhea.

1. Steve Jobs
Yes, he was a great man. He did tons and will be missed. But he is not God. He did not cure cancer or AIDS. I own 3 iPods in my lifetime and I love them to death. Do I still want to read tributes or excerpts from his autobiography? NO. So stop posting it on FB already.

Besides, the less sexy Bill Gates did more philanthropic work, will be giving up 95% of his wealth to charity. But who cares right? Mother Theresa, sorry. Dying children and people in warfare, sorry but I need to mourn over the father of my phone.


2. Kimora Lee which btw should drop Simmons by now since she divorced that fucker
Same with Jobs, I don't need to read about her coming to KL and doing this and doing that and the greatest fuckery that I've came across was about how tons of busy executive woman from all ranking threw their guards away and scream like a 12 year old when they saw Kimora walking into the room.

These women are obviously so busy that they didn't realise that Kimora is nothing but a fake/face. Fashion mogul? Fashionista? My ass, have you seen the hoochie stuff that comes struting down from her so called 'fashion line', a term that I used loosely since the likes of Paris and Kardashians own one. No one really takes her clothings seriously, and you shouldn't unless you are a 12 year old black girl from Harlem or some overweight single mother with names like Neisha or Cilantra or whatever.

And people actually thought I will be excited about her? Seriously? I only watch her show on E! if there is nothing else better on cable.


3. Speaking of hoochie, next on my list is Beyonce. I have not listen to any of her songs since If I Were A Boy and I wouldn't download it even if it was free. She has the vocals without a doubt but seriously? dancing and prancing like a cow in heat is considered woman empowerement? Again, fashion icon? You are only as good as the McQueen or Givenchy that your stylist picked for you. I am not taking her seriously and you shouldn't unless you are a gay in a club or 12 year old. Woman power!!! Take off your clothes!!!


4. Bloggers who are getting more and more overrated. Yes, I understand why you have great followings but seriously most of them used to be more fun, interesting before they got famous and they failed to understand that the very reason that got them famous at the first place is their blog and these days, they are so busy with 'work' that they don't even update it. So what is the point?

I drew the line and I just click on unfollowed when I saw this girl (a student) with a popular blog carrying a Kelly bag with Hermes CDC belt and clic clac bracelet. Seriously, overrated and now overpaid. And it's not even an interesting blog, just pretty pictures of herself and I wish her luck when 20 years down the road, she no longer have the looks and then what?

Don't get me wrong, I love blogs and I've came across some good ones but a line should be drawn - do not sell out. I don't suppose they will miss one or two readers who had enough but I am determined to prove a point by not visiting them and making them any more richer than they already are. And some even have to cheek to call it hard work.



William said...

3 iPods at the same time, or the died on you one after the other?

Twilight Man said...

LOL... I didn't realise that a devil like you could think alike! I love your comments. Muahahahahahaha!