Sunday, November 13, 2011


Since everyone knows how much I love weddings (which btw, I accidently spelled as weeding, well, its just as pesky) so it shouldn't come as a suprise when I saw one from at distance over last Friday, it was more of a slight disgust than anything else...considering that I was at 'ghetto palace'.

But just as I was about to snort at the 'fashionable' crowd and the usual proceedings, I caught myself thinking about all these bad things and suddenly stopped for a moment. It's like as though I had some sort of 'a-ha' moment on the spot. Sort of but I am not that smart but anyway...

Just because it's not my kind of wedding doesn't give me the right to judge or laugh at them. Especially when this is probably the happiest day of their life (no respect whatsoever) and who am I kidding? I can't even find someone to stand me or want to be with me longer than 6 months and these people are lucky enough to find each another and brave enough to take the next step, a step I probably will never even consider in my entire life.

Don't even get me started on the cost for these things - it ain't cheap and I sure hell can't afford it now nor will I be able to do so in the near future. So who's the joke now?

I find it actually heart warming to see people surrounded by others who are like minded, people who are actually happy to be there, taking photographs and these are the friends and families who made the effort to be there for the couple's big day - it was a weekday night too. And yet sometimes in life, the most stylist or the nicest dressed people whom I considered as a peer or in the same league might not be the nicest of the bunch. And I learnt that the way hard in the past week.

So lesson learnt. I know gay people can be quite judgemental but who am I to judge?

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Brainy Smurf said...

Only we gay judge? I think everyone judge

Hell, that is expensive for a wedding. I also doubted where the money can come from.

thompsonboy said...

everyone judge but gays are more judgemental...most of em anyway

and most weddings are expensive, esp so if you are chinese