Monday, October 31, 2011

Two weddings and a single man

I used to like weddings alot. I suppose there's always this image of beautiful and happy people celebrating, laughing and drinking to something that is almost magical and that has stuck with me for many years. But not anyone. At the rate people are getting divorce not too long after a super expensive wedding is like crazy. I personally know of a few who has walked down the aisle and walked into the divorce lawyer's room after that.

So where's the magic anymore? Where's the sanctity of the marriage institution anymore? Well at least for the weekend, I am not asking the question. After all, it's none of my business and all I have to do is attend such functions with a fabulous do and be ready for lots of fun as I will see some old friends and that I did, indeed.

With all the flowers, pretty dresses and clothes, some (bad) and nice speeches here and there, I can imagine why people go down that path. At least once in their lifetime. After all, everything is an experience. It doesn't have to last but at least you can say that you've done it and for just that one day, everything was perfect.

Well, almost if you didn't your annoying relatives who kept on asking me who is seated on their table and which table this and that person is sitting at.


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Twilight Man said...

You are absolutely right. So many of my friends divorced or rather hang on to their lifeless marriages for kids' sakes. My own 2 siblings divorced! The world is going crazy!