Sunday, November 20, 2011


I wondered if being down and depressed is a disease because I am feeling like. Don't think it has anything to do with my red eye or medication but rather things around me. No I won't get affected, I refused to get affected.

Oh Lord, so many things on my mind yet none of them I would like to talk about or shared. Maybe it's overshared. Maybe I am just tired. Maybe I think Raju is overrated and the best is still Kanna. Maybe I don't really care about anything and just want time to pass from now till next year. Maybe I fear the change that is coming - either I leave right now or I have to make do with many discomfort. But most of all, I must do with and making it WERQ with lots of money. As you would know by now, I am not easy to maintain.

Also, I am sick of this weather. Bring back the sun and the happy days. I really wished for those simple happy days. And I am not excited over Christmas yet. Maybe I should get a new pair of glasses. I know all these doesn't make sense. Not to me as well!


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