Saturday, November 26, 2011

Better man

The thing about me these days is that I am really lazy to be bothered with anytime. On one end, I would like to be on a new relationship, while the other I am feeling like it's alot of work with money and time to be spent and thinking about it gives me the shivers. It's not like I am opposed to the idea but I really salute you boys out there - how do you do it? So much effort is needed. It really takes all of me to even get one started and that didn't even lead me anywhere close to good.

But having said that, I did think there was some good or rather there is always good no matter how toxic a relationship was/is. For example, if your partner complain about your bad eating habits, lack of fashion sense, rudeness and etc etc, you would try to make the effort to be better. And that itself turns you into a better person. Even if it's for are indirectly doing it for yourself, no? Of course it's fine a line between changing for the sake for others and not until you are not being yourself but more so to be a better version of yourself.

I really do think I came out from it learning abit here and there about myself and trying to improve on it. For myself of course. And that is something nice about relationship long after someone leaves.

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William said...

It's like learning to play mahjong I guess, one doesn't learn if there's no money involved?