Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Really both sides now

Don't know about you but more often than not, I caught myself being the green eyed monster that I could be whenever I see, hear or read about something better for someone. It could be someone getting someone, someone getting some, getting more money, travel more, do more and basically perceived as better off as compared to me. This perception is purely my own of course because if I look at it from other angles, I ain't that bad.

That's the thing about life, it's so easier to be jealous and wishing that you could be living that so called charmed life that you always wanted and yet I think little about the sacrifice and also the hurdle along the way that one must cross. I was envious of this bunch of Singaporean bloggers who can afford all the fabulousity but secretly I laughed over their dramas of taking public transport - it's no fun carryin a Fendi bag if you gotta share it with a truckload of people, some who can be quite smelly. At least I have my good o'le faithful car...the price of a Birkin, of course.

And...of course luck has a big role to play and that's something that no matter how hard you work, it ain't gonna be something that you can get at the end of the day. So what is wrong with me then, I realise all these permutation that takes place and yet...oh yet I can't help but I feel a shade of jealous. I guess it's just human nature. I am sure if the tables are turned, someone else would also be jealous with the state that I am in.

So this just a cycle of I wished I have your life and someone else wishing they have mine then? I don't really think about others (yes, along with jealousy, there is selfishness) and more concerned about me....what about me? I want this, I want that.

Age is a funny old thing I think and it gets you thinking too much. Probably post turning 30 thoughts. And because I am in my 30s, I cannot sit there wishing and hoping life would turn around and probably best better off doing something about it. Don't you think so too?

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