Saturday, September 03, 2011

Why does it make you wanna have sex?

So it's been more or less a week since I've done an update, not that I know anyone would have notice or miss it but yeah, it's all good isn't it? I truly enjoyed myself this time around, just doing nothing much but money seems to flow out like mad but that's another story. Since there is officialy two more days before the whole thing ends, I don't want to think of anything at all. It still feels pretty much like a holiday and that's all good.

Even for those who didn't take that two days off, seriously was anyone truly working on a Monday and Friday? I hardly think so. Besides doing pretty much next to nothing, I've found myself reading alot of more, eating too much junk and catching up on my TV shows and then abit of sun. It's really nice to catch a tan now and then. I don't know about you but there is really something seriously sexy about a tanned guy (William will be proud of me - the only Jap porn I will lookey lookey would be the office cubs type with facial hair *YUMZ* and some of the swimmer type with delicious tan) and I couldn't understand why.

Is it the fact that there is a small patch of untanned skin that seem to suggest the erotic area or tan makes a person glow, look healthier, dark=manly? I really don't know and on top of that, having a tan makes me wanna have sex so bad. Why is that? It is the association with beach holiday and memories of sex and unrestrained desires? Or maybe, just maybe just the usual lust. Well, who the hell cares?

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William said...

The office+facial hair type porn is among my least favourite! Haha. Tanned does it for me, but some Jap porn stars I've seen look burnt.

thompsonboy said...

Is there a name for that offce+facial genre?

William said...

If you're looking for COAT WEST productions, look for the title "Wild Biz Dept. NN". The NN should range from 01 to God knows how many... :P. Enjoy.