Saturday, August 27, 2011

With some purpose or whatever

It's really exciting times isn't it? I know I am, first there is the upcoming long holiday which I will savour and enjoy much (don't hate me cause I have tons of annual leave days) and then there is another holiday to look forward to in September.

Then again of course there is a bag which is currently stuck at customs but I guess I won't be too worried about it. I knew I will be forced to pay the damn goverment some tax or what since that stupid cow from states refused to mark the item as a gift or underdeclare its value. Sure, stupid cow, it is illegal but who's gonna catch you? Unlike other countries, yours has always been a self righteous one and unlike your country as well, tax monies are wasted on building extra royal residences, funding shoddy projects that never see the daylight or turned into loans for rich kids who have access to the system to study abroad for free. And yet we have tons of people out there in need of help. Doesn't matter what race, it's less about that and more about people in power abusing the system and the trickle down effect.

Sometimes this people can be overly simple in what they think is right and try to impose it on us. Sure, we Malaysian sometimes are guilty of the post colonial syndrome but not all foreigners are smart. In fact the only good about them is usually they are more articulate but that shouldn't be mistaken for having brains. Worked with many and many are no better than your average Malaysian. In the bedroom however, some are better...maybe it's the how they are being taught to express themselves more compared to many local dead fish/log. I digress.

So all in all, it's not a bad thing nor bad deal. It's going to be good. Tax or no tax, working or not. Just that I am not working so it's better. Best. Now where's my suntan and that skimpy little trunk?



Twilight Man said...

Goodness you need a vacation otherwise your brains will go bonkers!

William said...

Yeah lo, where are your skimpy trunks?