Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pitch is a bitch

Right now in town there is a couple of pitches going around (technically one just ended but) and these are big accounts - one Telco, one airline, one fast food and one media channel. So nearly every agency is working on it and trying to get some in the climate that is spending less and depending on global work and adaptation (recycle from other country). All these doesn't go to feeding us and also funding my bags.

While I am already working on one of the biggest account in the country, I have been pitched in to help in one of the pitch. Oh well. It will be over soon. I hope we'll get it...not as though the money is rolling into my pocket but hey, more bags!!!


Twilight Man said...

Good luck to you man! I had my share of such overnight nightmares before and I am enjoying my days now.

William said...

Hope it won't be a strike.