Saturday, July 23, 2011

Piggin it out

I think I started the week quite, not to say bad but rather unhealthy by having one too many drinks on Monday and it went on from 5 till midnight. It's not that hard if you really like drinking and sorry, I am not into all your girly vodka, mixers and all. Just ice cold beers and good single malt whiskey on the rocks. But that's not the point. The point is after drinking you will either be so drunk that you passed out like dead or dead hungry. Usually I ignore the late night hungry pangs but the next day I will usually feel like shit.

The best cure for it is of course having something soupy. So instead of going straight to work, I decided the very next day to make a stop at a nearby coffeeshop to pack some nice noodles. The noodles are nice of course but what is nicer is that they have some nice yong tau foos to pick from and I will go for pork balls without thinking twice and these marvelous stuffed long beans. Yes, long wondered how they stuffed them? It's not literally stuffing the long beans but rather the long beans forming this coil outer layer for the fish paste. Yummy and great texture. I nearly went for the curry instead of clear soup but I knew I had to be good.

But before leaving the coffee shop, I couldn't help it and packed lunch as well. After all, it was 10 already. There is this other stall that sells nasi lemak and they have expanded into quite a nice stall - alot of other side dishes and I settled for nice fried veggies, fried chicken and egg (the egg must be cooked the right way, friend with soy sauce,...yums). Really piggy but that was like the most satisfying breakfast and lunch that I had for ages. I made a mental note to return again to try other other dishes from that stall soon.

Sadly it didn't stop there as I made a stopover before heading home that day to another stall and had fried rice. At 10pm. I know. Good grief. But as I was scooping the rice and feeding it to myself, I thought so what? I am not fat and you know, sometimes a little self love is not bad.

You should try it sometimes. Unless of course you are already doing it already on a daily basis. Then stop. Thanks.

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William said...

Long bean YTF, to me, it's like a rarity in KL.