Friday, July 15, 2011

It's really whatever

I am really tired (ok so I am done with the pitch and all) of the same shit all over again. Guess things has always been like that but I am tired of people using that damn rally or whatever propaganda that they believe it and make it the same battle cry for their work. So we are doing corporate campaign...this corporation is down to make money and not to be your sword but whatever lar.

Just sick of it. This is one presentation that I am washing my hand over and I wouldn't mind it bombing. The origin of the idea was fucking fantastic but I don't know why some people have to make everything about politics these days. Since everyone is convinced that they are right then who am I to say anything? I don't want to say anything.

Times like these, just be a pretty face or look at a pretty face to calm down.

Now isn't THIS a pretty face?


Twilight Man said...

Time to chillax and head for a SPA massage!

William said...

Politics in a pitch? Touchy, touchy.

Hdaran said...

pretty face... very pretty!!!