Tuesday, July 05, 2011


People really have funny ways to describe friends. I mean I don't simply call or describe anyone as friend.

One guy I knew said that I have an issue of 'friends' in the sense that I don't have enough. I know I have enough of them and apparently friends from work doesn't count. But that's only because he doesn't like anyone from work nor very close to them to begin with. I also suspect that they don't like him all that much either. But to him, it's about making lots of friends via social medias or apps and then meeting up with them whenever and whatever ocassion. So they keep in touch with their smartphone and flirt a little but really? I mean we go to a club and he was there to see his friends but do they hang out together? I don't know. When I go to a club with my friends, we are together. We buy drinks for each another and we talk, we danced, we smoked and do alot of crazy things together. So who really have friends and who doesn't? I am leaning towards the fact that I have better quality relationships.

The best illustration would be whenever I go out for coffee with my friends, someone will pay, and we won't bother with the details of money. I saw him and his so called best friend divide money like it's a business. I mean ok, so money and friendship shouldn't be lumped together but my point is that if some relationship can and has trancend money and everything else.

My friends are people who I go out and go holidays with. They are those who answers my call when I call them, no matter how late. They are the one we share our secrets and tears with. The one we share birthdays with. The one that doesn't care who paid for coffee earlier or speaks in fake accent or so called have fabulous lifestyle and when they say they care, they don't really mean it. My friends buy me drinks and vice versa and we can be who we are. And to me those are the basis and the basic principals of being a friend which apparently not really true because alot of friends to people are those they really know on a very surface level.

I have a few of them because I spent alot of time investing on them and I can't be doing that with so many people. I do get tired of friends and need me time. I don't know about you, there is just so many fakes and fake people out there that after awhile all you care is for your friends who doesn't bitch nor backstab you. But having said, it's always nice to add one or two along the way, just as long as they are kindred spirit. Yes, how Anne of Green Gables of me. But it's true.

I have friends, not alot of them. But I do love them. And I do believe they love me too. Can you say the same?



William said...

Yes, quality, not quantity. I agree that money shouldn't be a big issue, but we must be mindful. Anne of Green Gables! I loved that mini series.

Twilight Man said...

There are more devils than good ones and 1% will become my buddies. Come what may is how I live my life after seeing how friends could turn into Transformers.

Takashi said...

Spot on.. totally agree with you :)

chaiminhuei said...

Friends come in various degrees of closeness, if you star putting them into set categories everything falls apart. I have a close friend who still counts the cents after dividing change, but its just him being him.

Vincent~ said...

money always destroys everything~
but some are jz born with it, mayb he is a great guy if we see through tat flaw. But it is usually quite a turn off. lol