Sunday, July 10, 2011

do and be damned, don't do and be damned

So I was in a situation that I felt like there is not much of a choice. Well to think about it again, there is always a choice. Just that whatever choice that I choose seemed to be no good for me. Case in point was the BOY posted a picture of his car, quite smashed up.

I didn't know what to think. We were involved in a minoraccident when we were together and I can imagined how panickey he can get about it. Though he more gracious about it after compared to me. He is a careful driver but lousy. Especially under pressure. But the latest accident happened and he is alive enough to share it with everyone so I figured I couldn't be bothered. Besides he chosed not to give me his number after I lost all my contacts so why should I initiate contact, right?

Then when I ask someone whom I am quite ok close to about him, she didn't know about the accident. All she mentioned was that he still talks about me now and then. Ok fine. So what do I do? Do I hate him that much to wish him ill? Nope. I also remembered how he totally ignored me when I told him I miss him dead much back then.

So I send him a message via FB. So he replied. I really don't know whats the point of this. I guess we all do things sometimes without much of a point sometimes. Even if there is a point, you still don't feel like coming out as a winner. Kinda like our country. You express a point but at a cost but if you keep quiet, nothing will change. So better do and be damned, then.



William said...

You managed to wrap up two issues in one post. Bravo.

Twilight Man said...

Humans are so unpredictable like the weather. Just carry an umbrella always!