Saturday, July 16, 2011

At the end of the day

I was caught by surpise one day during after work drinks to find out that a friend's friend had a major cruch on this writer of mine. I shouldn't use the term mine cause technically he doesn't belong to me and you'll have to excuse me because there are a couple of people who works exclusively with me and I usually use my this and my that. Anyway back to the topic - yes, so a friend's gay friend is really into him. And mind you, my writer is straight and married.

And I thought I was the one only. I am not saying crush as much as a fan but yes, I do find him very interesting. He is smart and funny. Always comes out with great ideas and make me laugh. Really from the looks and all, you wouldn't look at him twice but after knowing him - he is like the most amazing person you'll ever meet and he's always sweet to everyone - I guess esp to the gays. Really, you can't help but fall for his sweetness. No worries cause I am not the deluded type, I enjoy his companionship and I don't lose sleep over it.

It just got me thinking that seriously, isn't that what's important at the end of the day? Someone nice, sweet and able to make you laugh?

I am so enjoying this bromance.

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William said...

It's more than enough, but sometimes being a friend and being a boyfriend are two different things.