Saturday, June 11, 2011

When I was young

So I spent my early Saturday morning today at the client's for some work - this is the 2nd Saturday and looks to me like it's going to be from time to time. It's not really hard work, more like done as a favour to them and I have to confess that I was feeling a little nervous speaking in front of 40+ kids but kids are easy to trick. I was more worried about not being able to wake up on time on the weekend. Right after that, I headed to a mall and seriously, by the time I was there around 11ish, all the parking spots were gone. I really couldn't fanthom how people can spend their weekends at the mall, esp one that is perpetually crowded like that one. Ok, I have to confess I did spent unreasonable time at the mall when I was dating Him but anyway that's one of the many stupid things people do when they think they are in love.

Going back, I took a drive via some old roads to avoid traffic jam, down the lane where I used to live. Things didn't change much. It was still kinda ghetto and I remembered all the time I used to spent there as a kid. All in all, I had a good childhood. My parents did me good and till now, I have no worries and all that kind of nonsense. The only kind of nonsense are those that I seek. It's funny how you see things differently now.

That brings me to a conversation that I had with Cooks ages ago, something to do with the fact that he should remind me when I am 30 to step on it - hurry up on the guys department before my expiry date. Little do I know that once I hit 30, I am more relaxed than ever. Don't get me wrong, I still have no patience whatsoever with bullshits but I learnt to take things easy...esp on things that I have no control over and learn to make the best out of whatever situation. I am truly blessed that I have the resources to experience many sights, countries and also finer things in life. And I truly learnt throught my last relationship not to give up on relationship. It's one thing to embrace being single but it's another to give up entirely.

I really want to be those mature people who are comfortable in their own skin, not worry about anything and yet not acting like some bitter tranny queen. It's hard not to be a tranny queen...LOL. So as a mark of trying to rise above it all, I longer care if I am buying pants from size 32 and up. I given up on my days of being 30" and I also have a trip planned up - all by myself. It's a little scary but hey, you just have to try. After all, I am begining to feel like I just couldn't tolerate a trip or even time with someone who doesn't see things eye to eye with me.

After all, who knows what will happen. Maybe I will meet some sexy strangers on my solo trip. Or maybe not. Either way, its win win.



William said...

32 is such a dirty word, but even I have to deal with it. :P

thompsonboy said...

you are a shower that's different

ooi2009 said...

quite sexy

thompsonboy said...

who, what, where?